Yo when you a Quaker, God is in you already. Least that’s the shit I learned growing up. Guess it’s something I still believe in, since I still go to meetin’s in all that good stuff. ‘Bout the only religion I still believe. [smiles a bit] Not like I’m shittin on anyone else’s religion or nothin’. You do what makes you happy and all and……….[trails off]

*watches fondly for a minute before leaning over for a side hug* I mean, I am happy to see you again, *hugs a bit more longer before pulling away* So I guess its just another way for God to show how friendship is important to cities like us when we need it, right?



Nigga if you thought you’d never be six feet deep again, I’m about to show you Jesus and I will make sure you have no damn ressurection when I’m done with your sorry fake Cuban lookin ass, bitch.



"Big", nah I’m sure my place is small compared to yours. [/wipes a tear from his eye] L-Look, I may be busy, but I kinda know who some cities are. 
BUT, if you’re a small obscure place no one heard of? I won’t take notice. Honestly, I try not to be so—-negligent when it comes to y’all. 

*shrugs innocently* Well you’re up and important to all of us and ya’ll always been actin like the busiest thing on the street. *grins* But I feel thankful to not be not as small as other cities.


Still think people crazy when they use words like that to describe me. [sighs a bit, while scratching his hair] Good you doin better for yourself; we all need to do that sometime. Maybe I should take your lead, huh?

*laughs and pats his back* We all need to get out of that hole and be next to God basically.


[nods slowly] I get that reaction a lot. I don’t know if it’s good or bad anymore.

*hums good naturally* Its a positive, just surprised someone as big as you would take notice in little ol me.


ya eyes get crusty

that is disgusting

But its the truth, sorry for your clean turning crusty ass eyes.


Not cute, and it’s been a while. Thought you died or somethin.

 Handsome then, baby~? *snickers* But yeah, it has been long. I’ve been gettin my life together, doin things o treat myself for the betta.

thechocolatecity started following you

Oh my.


uhh…should we throw a party or…?

You still so cute, Josh.

Guess whose back, dicks.